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We help ambitious designers & brands to share their vision, story and work with the world through a range of tailored services.

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  • Brand and Target Market Positioning
  • Wholesale Strategy 
  • Agency Representation
  • Brand Consulation 
  • Showroom
  • Territory store visits, training & support.
  • Pricing Structure
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Best agency in the world. Awaykin have been pivotal in helping us grow the brand and actualise our vision and philosophy in greater detail. Their approach to industry communication is responsive, considered and gentle, which has resulted in meaningful relationships with the right wholesale and industry partners for our brand. Wholesale is a cornerstone to our business, but we have no worries leaving it in Awaykin's experienced and capable hands.

— Bleue Burnham 

Awaykin has not only helped us grew our wholesale business through their world-wide network with retailers as well as their deep knowledge, but also helped us build stronger relationships with our clients. Since we started working with them, our business has been growing quickly and stately! What I value most in Awaykin is their ways of approaching, communicating and building relationships with their partners in a very human way. Yes digitalisation is so important in fashion but we  must not forget that we are all human!

— Carne Bollente

Awaykin feels like part of the extended Story mfg. family and have been integral in our growth as a company. We’ve probably more than tripled our turnover since we started working together and have found comfort in the knowledge we can rely on them to do what’s in our best interest when it comes to growing our wholesale business and raising our profile. Wholesale it seems is something of a dark art - often a mix of communication, PR, sales and networking and Awaykin seem to have a special recipe. Personally I feel very proud knowing our wholesale customers are getting the full story of our brand and values when they take an appointment, and they absolutely aren’t getting a hard sale. In short Awaykin give our craft-focused business a crafted service and the hard work is evident in our success so far.

— Story MFG

If you're not working with the brilliant and professional team over at Awaykin you're missing a trick! They've been a key part of developing and building SOCKSSS across several international markets, while adding that much needed human touch which is often overlooked in todays technological driven society. Whether it's an independent or global department store they take the time to understand both your brand and business while taking into consideration all parties involved for a successful long-term business. We wouldn't be doubling our sales season after season without them and that takes a combination of friendship, experience and magic!

— Socksss

Working with the incredibly friendly & supportive team at Awaykin has been a real blessing for Good Morning and I couldn't recommend their services enough. Although what we offer as a label is quite specific, I'm very grateful for the way in which Awaykin has been able to quickly introduce our unique items & messages to a wider audience of receptive souls - especially in such a short space of time. Their keen, mindful & genuine understanding of the label, combined with their patience and guidance, has offered a valuable & supportive platform, in which to help Good Morning grow in a sustainable & organic way. 

— Good Morning Tapes

Shrimps have had the pleasure of working with Awaykin for many years now and their genuine understanding and passion for the brand is always refreshing, showing they are true ambassadors not simply “salespeople”. Awaykin’s extensive knowledge of the fashion retail sector enables them to offer invaluable insight into market trends and directions and their ability to build long-lasting relationships with brands and retailers alike has allowed our wholesale business to grow from strength to strength. Furthermore showing our collections in their Paris showroom has been key in increasing our exposure and has allowed us to maintain a presence within international markets. It has been a joy working with PA and the team and we couldn’t recommend them enough.

— Shrimps

Paul-Anthony and the rest of the Awaykin team put Sealand on the global map. We've come from humble beginnings at the tip of the African continent with a drive to make positive - social and environmental change. Awaykin truly resonates with our brand vision and has guided us responsibility into the fashion world, enabling Sealand to influence new markets on why sustainability in all forms is the way forward. Awaykin has offered insights into market trends and directions, resulting in significant growth in our export markets. We are extremely grateful to be working with Awaykin.

— Sealand

As an emerging brand, having a sales team that understands the brand’s goals and the right positioning is crucial. The Awaykin team from the start had a focused plan on pursuing the best stockists for the brand rather than the most number of stockists. It’s been a huge help to have their guidance and expertise in navigating such a difficult market.

— Markoo

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